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    Rules [ Must Read ]


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    Sticky Rules [ Must Read ]

    Post by Siks on Thu May 13, 2010 2:12 am

    This is your only warning, moderators are allowed to infraction you if needed.

    1) You must follow all Forum rules.
    2) You're not allowed to post a thread about only one moderator. You must include all the moderators.
    3) You're not allowed to post a feedback thread and include that almost or all the moderators are "abusers" or "they suck" or anything related.
    4) You are no longer to express your opinion in one worded answers such as "bad, Good, Inactive" and so on. This also goes for anyone who may try to find a loophole by doing 2-3 word answers.
    5) In your feedback you must post a valid explanation on how a moderator is doing there job. I advise reading rule 4 again so you can understand what we won't tolerate.
    6) No spamming other feedback threads. You should know what spam is but just incase you don't please look up the official rules.

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